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Ofgem said it was "driving a harder bargain" with energy network companies as it set out plans to cut the returns they pay investors which it said could help save consumers £45 a year. Source: SKY News
Fishing enthusiasts helped Angling Direct to bumper takings on Black Friday. Source: BBC
The state-backed Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is poised to name Katie Murray as its finance chief, a?n appointment that would represent a milestone in the male-dominated boardrooms of the UK's biggest lenders. Source: SKY News
A mother tells of her financial struggle as regulators outline plans to simplify overdraft fees. Source: BBC
Flights will restart more than 10 years after it halted services following a major hotel bombing. Source: BBC
The fashion label started by the former Spice Girl reports another loss and pledges to cut costs. Source: BBC
One of the great hopes of the UK tech sector, Blippar, collapses following a funding dispute. Source: BBC
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is planning new rules to bring down the cost of many overdraft fees, which raked in over £2.4bn for banks last year alone. Source: SKY News
The UK's big four auditors are facing the prospect of having their work checked by smaller rivals in the wake of a string of accounting scandals. Source: SKY News
The former chief executive officer of CBS will not receive a multi-million dollar severance package after failing to cooperate with an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations. Source: SKY News
The 35-year-old quit her job in finance and went on to build one the world's biggest make-up brands. Source: BBC
Courier firms are struggling to cope with the rise of online shopping, and tech can only help so much. Source: BBC
US broadcaster refuses Les Moonves' severance deal following claims of sexual misconduct. Source: BBC
Britain's largest carmaker faces a difficult year amid fears that big job cuts are on the way. Source: BBC
Regulator says 'robust reform' of the audit market is needed after high-profile company failures. Source: BBC
US stock markets have fallen sharply in a renewed sell-off as global share prices looked set for a grim end to the year. Source: SKY News