Home news Fire crews called twice in three days to Box mines rescues

Fire crews called twice in three days to Box mines rescues


Firefighters have rescued a group of people trapped in a Wiltshire cave for the second time in a week. Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue worked with Mendip Cave Rescue to free them from the former stone mines in Box after being called at 02:50 BST. Martin Grass, from Mendip Cave Rescue, who helped rescue the seven, in their late teens and early 20s, said they were “cold and inadequately equipped”. It comes after another group had to be rescued from the same caves on Sunday. Nobody in either group was injured but the fire service is warning people “to think twice before visiting the former stone mines”.Mr Grass said: “With these two most recent rescues, the groups were woefully ill-equipped for what they were trying to do, and they were very lucky that they found a place of relative safety where there was a phone signal.”After rescuing another group of three men on Sunday evening, the fire service tweeted saying that signs, to help people get out, had been painted over.

Darren Nixon, from Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue said: “Fortunately, nobody was injured on these two latest occasions, and the groups were OK to stay where they were until the cave rescue team arrived. “However, with a bit more planning, and a bit more thought, they could have avoided multiple fire crews and volunteers being mobilised. “Having fun is fine, but please think twice about your plans and whether you have done everything possible to be safe.”In July last year, a group of teenage boys had to be rescued from Box mines after getting stuck 100ft underground while paying the smartphone game Pokemon Go, where users search real-life locations for digital creatures.
Source: Wiltshire BBC