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Old Gloucester Cathedral entrance lobby for sale


An Edwardian lobby removed as part of a renovation of Gloucester Cathedral has been put up for sale.The 4m-tall oak structure had been in place at the main south porch entrance of the medieval building since 1903.It was sold to an architectural salvage company, which is now looking for a buyer for the “unique piece”.A new glass entrance lobby will replace the old one as part of Project Pilgrim – a 10-year £6m scheme to improve facilities at the cathedral.Henry White from reclamation company Hideaway, based in Salisbury, said: “It’s an unusual and unique piece. Sadly it is very large and very heavy so not suitable for every use, but we will try and re-home it as best as we can.”Mr White said it was hard to say what it was worth, but a similar one he had advertised for £3,000 had failed to sell.

Source: Wiltshire BBC