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Sex game gas mask death: Kevin Adams jailed for two years


A man has been jailed for two years after his partner died following an “extreme”, drug-fuelled sex game.Kevin Adams, 54, fell asleep after leaving Dohoon Kim tied up with a gas mask on his face in his Swindon home in June 2015.He was found guilty of gross negligence manslaughter after a jury decided Adams had not checked on Mr Kim’s condition.Judge Neil Ford QC told Bristol Crown Court he could not “lose sight of the fact a life was lost”.Mr Kim, 36, was found dead on the bedroom floor after meeting Adams at the house in Exmouth Street for sex.In the early hours of 12 June, Adams called 999 saying Mr Kim, from Slough, Berkshire, was unresponsive and not breathing.When paramedics arrived, they found Mr Kim had been dead for some time with a gas mask to one side of him and a pile of ropes and restraints nearby.

A post-mortem examination found Mr Kim had an “excessive” level of mephedrone – sometimes known as M-Cat – in his body.It was concluded he died from a combination of the restriction of his airways and the effect of the drugs both he and Adams had taken.Adams, who had denied manslaughter, was jailed for two years.The judge told him: “I have been urged to pass a sentence that falls within the sentences that could be suspended.”I regret to say I cannot agree with this submission. Even though this death can be regarded as a tragic accident it nonetheless was caused by your gross negligence and I cannot lose sight of the fact a life was lost.”
Source: Wiltshire BBC