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University of Bristol students warned of drink spikings


Three students had their drinks spiked at a university halls of residence, prompting a police investigation.Student newspaper Epigram said the three, who wanted to remain anonymous, had come forward following the incidents at Wills Hall.University of Bristol warden Professor Robert Vilain urged “vigilance”, while the university said it had a “zero tolerance” approach to crime.”Any student found spiking drinks will be reported to the police,” they added.Simon Bray, director of the university’s residential and hospitality services, said he was “very disappointed to hear this has happened in one of our halls”. Professor Vilain posted that he “hardly needed to say how disgusting and dangerous this practice is”. “It is nasty, predatory behaviour, and those who do it are beneath contempt,” he added.”It isn’t funny, it isn’t a laugh, it isn’t just part of ‘general welcome week banter’. These ‘spikes’ are often called ‘date-rape’ drugs, which reflects how serious the consequences of their use can be.”He said he would inform students of “every spiking incident reported, in order to create awareness of the extent of the problem”. No other halls of residence in the city have reported similar incidents.
Source: Wiltshire BBC